Famous People From Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes may not have such a long list of famous people as other England’s towns and cities, however, considering that it was officially founded only in 1967 the list of famous people from the town is quite impressive. Here are only a few people from Milton Keynes who are famous throughout the country, while some of them are also famous abroad: |

Andrew Baggaley Andrew Baggaley (born 1983), professional table tennis player has won the most medals for England in the Commonwealth Games in history. From 2002 to 2010, he won 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medal. He is also a triple English Men’s Singles National Champion and became the youngest table tennis player to win the Men’s Singles National Title.  
Alan Turing Alan Turing (1912-1954), mathematician, cryptanalyst, logician and computer scientists described the Turing machine which played the key role in creation of modern computers. During World War II, he worked for the Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park and lived in the Shenley Brook End during that time.  
Errol Barnett Errol Barnett (born 1983), an anchor and correspondent for CNN International was born in Milton Keynes. He moved with his family to the United States in 1993 and started working for CNN in 2008.  
Sam Tomkins Sam Tomkins (born 1989), professional rugby football player was also born in Milton Keynes. His family moved from the town in the early 1990s. He currently plays for the Wigan Warriors based in Wigan, Greater Manchester who play in the Super League and are the current Challenge Cup holders.  
Kevin Whately Kevin Whately (born 1951), English actor is best known for the roles of Neville Hope in the television comedy Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, of Robert “Robbie” Lewis in the dramas Inspector Morse and Lewis, and of Dr Jack Kerruish in the series Peak Practice. He was not born in Milton Keynes but he currently lives in the town.  
Sarah Pinborough Sarah Pinborough (born 1972), horror writer who achieved a major success in the United States was born in Milton Kenyes. However, as a daughter of a diplomat she spent most of her childhood in the Middle East. Some of her best known books include The Language of Dying, The Hidden, The Taken and Breading Ground. She also writes fantasy novels for children under pen name Sarah Silverwood.  
Clare Nasir Clare Nasir (born 1970), meteorologist and weather forecaster for ITC London comes from Milton Keynes. In 2010, she also released a fitness DVD.  
Jack Trevor Story Jack Trevor Story (born 1917), novelist was born in Hertford but he lives in Milton Keynes since 1970s. His best known works include The Trouble With Harry on which was based the Alfred Hitchcock’s same name comedy (1955), Albert Argyle trilogy and the Horace Spurgeon Fenton novels.  
Lee Hasdell Lee Hasdell (born 1966), former Mixed martial artist and kick boxer moved to Milton Keynes in 1987. He is considered a pioneer of Mixed martial arts in the United Kingdom.  
Dan Wheldon Dan Wheldon (1978-2011), racing driver who died after a collision at the 2011 IZOD IndyCar World Championship grew up near Milton Keynes. He won 2005 Indy Racing League IndyCar Series, and Indianapolis 500 in 2005 and 2011. In December 2011, a charity race was held in his honour in Milton Keynes.